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OE Team Building Organizer offers a fresh experience! Why do some companies still favor team building? You might think it’s optional, but smart leaders see it as a crucial part of employee skill development and team building planning‼

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HRDF Claimable Team Building Packages

If your team faces the following issues…

Lack of unity

Lack of motivation

No goals

No direction

Poor connectivity

Not seizing opportunities

Choose OE Outdoor Team Building - HRDF Training!

Thinking of team building? Many young people see it as a boring, obligatory company activity. But, you should know that an energetic outdoor team building can bring significant changes:

Skill Development Programs for Employee

With better relationships and trust among team members, team collaboration becomes smoother and more efficient, boosting staff training effectiveness.

Boost Employee Motivation

Through team building activities, teams can experience the fun and value of team collaboration, fostering positivity, initiative, and cooperation.

Strengthen Corporate Culture

Outdoor team building activities convey corporate values, helping teams understand and embrace company ideals, creating a positive team atmosphere.

Promote Team Building

Various tasks and challenges in outdoor activities boost confidence and skills, providing a platform for skill development.

What Constitutes an Energetic Outdoor Team Building?

An energetic outdoor team building activity is not just a simple corporate gathering but a well-planned, vibrant, and creative comprehensive experience. The key elements include:

Well-Planned Activities

Diverse Activities

Including Flying Fox, Free Fall, Futsal/Beach Soccer, Rock/Wall Climbing, Arboreal Climbing, Tug of War, Water Polo, and Net Climbing. These enhance team collaboration spirit and offer great fun and challenges.

Free Planning

We provide free customized training plans (HRDF claimable), tailoring each itinerary to ensure desired outcomes.

Rich Course Content

Our courses are taught by HRDF certified trainers and national-level vocational trainers and OE speakers, covering market operations, team building, and employee skill development, helping teams enhance their comprehensive abilities.

Outdoor Team Building @Charismatic Leadership

Datuk Wira (Dr) Calvin Khiu | Charismatic Leadership and Management

Course Content:

    • Leadership skill development
    • Team cohesion through case analysis
    • Interactive activities.

Outdoor Team Building@ Market Operations

Course Content:

    • Latest market operation strategies
    • Team cooperation
    • Adaptability through simulations.


(Dr) Eunice Chew

Market Operations and Strategy


Outdoor Team Building@ Marketing Pioneer

Course Content:

    • Effective marketing strategies
    • Team cooperation
    • Innovation through tasks and simulations.

Jason Kok

Marketing and Brand Promotion


Outdoor Team Building@ Goal Alignment

Course Content:

    • Goal-oriented staff training
    • Execution and efficiency improvement through outdoor activities.


Hadden Lim

Goal Setting and Execution


Outdoor Team Building@ Internal Training Flame

Course Content:

    • Customized training plans
    • Enhancing professional skill development
    • Team collaboration through interactive games and exercises.

Nicholas Aw

Internal Training and Employee Development


Outdoor Team Building@ Charismatic Image

Course Content:

    • Image enhancement
    • Team cooperation through image building 
    • Team presentation.


Nini Wong

Image Management and Personal Branding


Outdoor Team Building@ Sales Closure

Course Content:

    • Effective sales techniques
    • Team collaboration through simulations and exercises.

Winson Khiu

Sales Techniques and Deal Strategies

High-Value Experience

Team Building Trophy

Awarded to outstanding teams, encouraging active participation and cooperation.

Corporate Cooperation Opportunities

Companies can connect and explore cooperation opportunities through OE Training Provider in Malaysia’s customized training activities.

Quality Facilities

OE Space Base

We offer unique space capsule accommodation and high-end dining services, allowing teams to enjoy comfortable rest while participating in outdoor team building activities.

Forest Dining

Carefully prepared delicacies provide a perfect experience for relaxing, enhancing team cohesion.

Practical Outdoor Guidance

Professional Instructors

Accompanied by professional outdoor instructors, ensuring safety and smooth execution of activities.

Practical Experience

Practical activities help members learn and grow, enhancing individual skill development and team collaboration.

OE Outdoor Team Building

OE-Hosted Corporate Outdoor Team Building in Malaysia

Corporate Feedback

Client Feedback -
Why companies love OE outdoor team building!

OE Team Building Activity Schedule

We provide detailed corporate training/leadership training (HRDF approved) schedules to ensure efficient execution for the best training experience.



9.30am ~ 6.30pm


OE Team Building Resort

HRDF Claimable

HRDF Claimable Team Building Package Malaysia

2-Day Course @ Outdoor Team Building

2-Day Course @ Outdoor Team Building

Each team building package includes:

Team Members

Teambuilding Package Price

Independent Training

@OE Lecturer

RM 980/ Pax

RM 980/ Pax

Outdoor Team Building @ Charismatic Leadership Speaker: Datuk Wira (Dr) Calvin Khiu + OE Lecturer Course

RM 1880/ Pax

RM 1580/ Pax

RM 1380/ Pax

RM 1180/ Pax

RM 980/ Pax

Note: For over 150 people, OE outdoor team building can be conducted in batches (customizable training) – HRDF Claimable Courses


OE brings together top trainers at OE Training Provider in Malaysia, aiming to deliver practical, easy-to-learn, and effective methods, supporting Malaysian corporate team building through tax-deductible employee training.

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